Join us at Dignify 2021 at The Bedford, Balham and help make a difference!

Once again, an enormous humanitarian crisis is beginning to engulf the people of Afghanistan.

They have suddenly had to leave their homes with next to no possessions. Their futures are uncertain. Many will be hungry.

We want to see a world where all refugees can lead a life with dignity. That is only possible with huge amounts of humanitarian aid to cover their essential needs and to help them rebuild their lives.

In the UK we are supporting the Afghan refugees the government is resettling here with essential food and hygiene items. We have also spent the last 2 years in Cyprus helping refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Later this year we will be in Greece offering emergency aid to Syrian refugees with no government assistance. Before the end of the year we also anticipate helping those Afghans who will have managed to make it to Greece.

Join us at the Bedford for a night of great music where we can come together and show we care.

Refugee Support Europe is a volunteer organisation and registered charity that has spent the last 6 years working in some of the most difficult conditions on Greek refugee camps, with the Rohingya in Bangladesh, along the Mexican US border and in Nicosia Cyprus.